The Most Sensitive Sensory Organ in the Body

Human’s ability to hear is amazing. As you know, we have a very sensitive sensory organ which is our ears. Though it is very sensitive, it has a very important role. The human ear consists of different parts and these parts are considered very important. The most important function of the ears is for hearing. […]

The Healing Power of Music for the Mind and Body

Do you know what is happening in your mind and body when you listen to music? For sure you already read some articles regarding the benefits of music to your brain and body. In fact, those benefits are not all because there’s more. Scientists are continually conducting some studies to know the other advantages or […]

Music at Work and an Employee's Productivity

The workplace is an environment that can make an employee stressed out. He could be pressured a lot when there’s a lot of work to do. Being stressed is a negative sign that can affect the productivity of an employee. But, there’s actually a way to perform better at work. How? This is possible though […]

Music as One of the Coping Strategies for Stress

Stress is sometimes difficult to handle. Most of the time, stress is the result of difficult problems that we encounter in our daily life. Some problems are difficult to solve and if we overly think of such problems, stress can really happen anytime. When you are forced to speak in public and you need to […]

Musical Instruments and a Musician's Brain

Someone can achieve something when he feels joy in every activity he is doing. If he is interested in something and can fulfill his interest without someone blocking him, he can surely gain success. It is the same with those who have an interest in playing musical instruments. Not everyone have the talent in playing […]

The Use of Music as an Effective Emotional Tool

Music can be used in various ways. Even for teaching young children at school, music is being applied. How is music being used as an emotional tool? Nowadays, students can learn a lot of things with the help of technology. When we compare traditional learning and modern learning, we can know which is better. Of […]

Listening to Music and Tips to Protect your Ears

Our ears is very sensitive. We have to protect it even while listening to music. How? As shown in the infographic below, there are some ways we must follow in order to protect our sensitive ears. Among many parts of the human body, the ears is the most sensitive. If we hear any loud noise, […]

Your Favorite Music and Your Chosen DJ

Each person have their own favorite whether it is a food, clothes, shoes, bag, or anything. Regarding your favorite music, surely you have one or more. There are many possible ways by which you can listen to your favorite music. With the rapid development of high technology, numerous inventions have been made including inventions used […]

What you should pack for the music festivals

It is now thanks to the time of today’s generation that there are the music festivals in different partsĀ of the countries around the world. In the past years, the music festivals are a very big hit and many people travel even in far places to be able to attend and get satisfied with what they […]

The direct relationship of the brain development and music

There are people who say that they cannot be separated from music because it has been part of their whole lives. Others also bring their own musical instruments when they go somewhere like a vacation as they want to play it and relax. Music has been already engraved in the minds and hearts of many […]